Proper Cause

So you want to obtain the unicorn of New York State pistol permits? Do your friends recite the typical “The judge in my county only issues sportsman restrictions”? Most attorneys charge more than $500 to assist you in capturing the illusive unrestricted permit! For a fraction of the cost, wordsmith and published author Jeff Angus and military veteran, law enforcement officer, firearms, and self-defense instructor Matt Mallory will help you to craft that perfect letter to your judge.

Read what our clients say about us helping to get them unrestricted permits:

"I got approved for concealed carry with no restrictions, in Onondaga county. Thanks for having me attend. I'll be in your multi-state course in the future." ~ Ryan from Liverpool, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course

I got approved for concealed carry no restrictions…

The process of procuring a concealed carry handgun license, for most, is a long, arduous journey which requires patience, and documentation. Add to this, wanting an unrestricted permit and, in some counties, it can be even more cumbersome but worth the extra work. Despite rumors, it does not cost more or typically take longer to get your initial permit approved. Nor will your permit be denied by simply asking for an unrestricted permit. However, you want to be careful not to irk your judge, like others have, by sending a letter once a month asking for their restriction to be removed. Doing so is not a wise decision and you must remember that the judge has discretion to revoke your permit! One good well put together letter is much better than a bunch of short ones.

The NY handgun licensing statute requires that an individual establish “proper cause” for the issuance of a concealed carry handgun license. (Penal Law § 400.00[2][f]). The problem is that licensing officers (judges in Upstate NY) interpret this statue differently. Therefore, crafting a good “proper cause” letter is important, since in some counties there are multiple judges deciding on permit restrictions and you don’t know which judge you will get.

We can’t guarantee that you will get an unrestricted permit or your restriction removed from your current permit. Though, we have had good results for our clients and look forward to helping you as well. To get started, write a rough draft proper cause letter, fill out the below form, attaching your letter, then visit our payment page to make payment for this service. We will get started right away and send you a reworked letter along with instructions on other documents to include with your letter to your judge. Contact us with any questions.

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  • PS&Ed cannot guarantee your permit will be issued without a restriction or that a restriction will be removed from your current permit. This decision rest solely with the licensing officer who approved your permit.
  • Payment: This service is $150. After filling out the form above, please visit our PAYMENT PAGE to review the payment terms and make a payment for this service.
  • Contact us with any questions.