Article 35

NY Articele 35This course puts Upstate New York residents in a great position when asking the licensing officer (judge) for a full carry permit without any restrictions! It can also be helpful in getting restrictions, such as sportsman, removed! This course will break down the NY penal code in layman’s terms making it easy to understand. Fused with thought provoking scenarios and real life stories ,this knowledge will be a helpful tool for if you are ever presented with a similar situations. You will watch a scenario unfold in the Laser Ammo Video Scenario Trainer simulator, the one used in our CCW2 SIMCO Course. Those who decide to defend themselves with or without a firearm, in or outside of their home, must know New York State law as it pertains to the justification to use deadly physical force (DPF) as a defense against deadly physical force.

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"Another informative class. Big help for swamp navigation." ~ Edward from Oswego, NY about our Article 35 Course

Another informative class.

"Highly recommend taking courses from PS&Ed. Huge amount of learning, tips & tricks presented by an awesome instructor who is able to break things down for you so you can retain the information. I'm looking forward to my next class." ~ Stephanie from Liverpool, NY about the NY Article 35 & NRA CCW1 SIMCO Courses

Highly recommend taking courses…

This course is taught by New York DCJS/MPTC Certified Instructors who are currently sworn law enforcement officers in the state. The course deals with the responsibility to make proper decisions with regard to the use of force in an ever present reality, and is not lessened by the fact that the armed citizen must make these decisions under the worst of circumstances. New York State Residents will learn that their use of force will be subject to scrutiny from both inside and outside the Criminal Justice System. Criminal and civil prosecution may be the result if the individual’s actions are deemed unlawful or inappropriate (excessive force). Yet, failure to use force when it is reasonable and necessary may very well mean injury or death to the person and/or innocent civilians. This course will help you demystify the penal law and understand how-to and when-to respond to life-or-death situations.

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