David Wencek is a twenty five year veteran, Security Policeman of the United States Air Force. He holds several instructor qualifications with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).

David was born and raised in the small town of Weymouth, Massachusetts where he quickly developed a love for nature and shooting with guidance from his father and the Boy Scouts. While attaining the ranks of Eagle Scout and Vigil with the Order of the Arrow, David learned the importance of leadership and the ability of helping others. With these two goals in mind, in 1978 he joined the Air Force and began his fulfilling and rewarding career.

Identified early on as a “go getter”, David quickly found himself assigned duties and responsibilities normally reserved for those of greater rank and experience. His assignments took him to spots around the country and the globe where he always made it a point to observe and learn from the different military and law enforcement tactics that each state/nation employed.  David served in Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Allied Force, where he developed an even greater respect for human life and the importance of keeping it safe.

In 1998, David married his “internet” sweetheart Alison and then retired from the service in 2002. Moving to the Syracuse area, he went into the Business and Industrial Security field working for several firms to include heading the Plant Physical Security Department at the Lockheed Martin facility in Liverpool.

Positions and Certifications  

  • United States Air Force, Retired
  • Former New York State Licensed Security Guard
  • New York State DCJS Certified General Topics Instructor
  • Certified NRA Firearms Instructor (pistol, rifle, shotgun and PPITH)
  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Certified USCCA Instructor
  • Certified American Red Cross Instructor in First Aid, CPR and AED

Education and Training

  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice
  • WMD Incident Response
  • HAZMAT and Mass Causality Incidence Response
  • Response to Active Shooter
  • Crowd and Riot Control

Weapons Training and Qualifications

  • M16, M16A1, M16A2 expert qualification
  • M9 (9mm pistol) expert qualification
  • M148 and M203 Grenade Launchers
  • M60 Machine Gun
  • First Aid/CPR/AED

Affiliates and Memberships

  • NRA Life Member
  • USCCA Member
  • S.C.O.P.E
  • NAGR
  • Syracuse Pistol Club
  • Pathfinder Sportsman Club

David is always striving to improve his skills and knowledge and then pass that knowledge on to others. “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”, a wise saying that he believes applies to the 2nd Amendment.