Article 35 Use of Force

NY Article 35 - Use of ForceThis course is a must for anyone who has firearms and could potentially use them for self-defense! It has also been good in helping New York residents in asking the licensing officer (judge) for a full carry license without any restrictions. As well, it has been successful in putting many judge’s minds at ease with removing restrictions, such as sportsman, for those currently holding a pistol license.

This course is taught by Matthew Mallory, a currently sworn law enforcement officer, New York State DCJS/MPTC Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, and an International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA) Member. Matt has put hundreds of hours into developing this course. On top of his training around the world, in the military and law enforcement, he continuously attends training nationally in self-defense and firearms, both as a student and as an instructor. Annually, he meets with county judges, sheriffs, and DAs, has met with and interviewed people who are survivors of deadly encounters, such as George Zimmerman, and weekly interviews people on his show Meet The Pressers.

This course will break down the NY penal code in layman’s terms making it easy to understand. Fused with thought provoking scenarios and real life stories, this knowledge will be a helpful tool for if you are ever presented with a similar situation. Those who decide to defend themselves with or without a firearm, in or outside of their home, must know New York State law as it pertains to the justification to use deadly physical force (DPF) as a defense against deadly physical force. Learn even more by watching scenarios unfold in the Laser Ammo Video Scenario Trainer simulator, the one used in our Smokeless Range Courses.

Find out at our A35 Course!

Classroom Time: 5 hours
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Matthew Mallory

Read what our students have to say about this course:

"Basically the instructor was well he was well good at his job I mean he breakdown parts that I didn’t know that I didn’t learn some thing from class that he did for us" ~ Fabian L. of Syracuse, NY

"PS&Ed staff were more than helpful in assisting me while I was applying for an upgrade to a pistol permit with no restrictions. Matt is extremely knowledgeable on gun safety, laws, and the 2nd Amendment. After a long 2 years of trying to obtain my carry permit, I received my full carry permit and I could not have done it without the confidence, expertise, and care of Matt and his team. He really cares about your interests and will not give up until your goal is achieved, or if all ideas are outsourced. What started 2 years ago for me as an interest in target shooting has become a desire to live a lifestyle in carrying responsibly, and to become a supporter in promoting change to some of New York's difficult laws on purchasing, acquiring, inheriting, owing, and possessing firearms. My advice to all for acquiring an unrestricted pistol permit is to enroll in the Handgun Safety and NRA Basic Pistol courses. Keep taking classes with Matt, you will learn so much about guns, safety, and federal and state laws. You will also learn how to properly react in threatening situations; if you ever have to draw a weapon. Be patient with your judge, and instructor do not give up if you are denied the privilege of having an unrestricted pistol permit. It is an honored achievement when you can obtain an unrestricted pistol permit on your own with the courteous help of an instructor, rather than applying though cronyism." ~ Brandon B. from Clay, NY about our "Proper Cause" Letter Writing Service and many courses

I received my full carry permit…

"Excellent instruction. I have taken multiple courses from PS&ED; Article 35, SIMCO, USCCA, ETC… This not only helped get my restrictions removed but it provided realistic situational instruction as well as clear information regarding legal rights and responsibilities. This is NOT target shooting at the range. This is situational recognition, avoidance, engagement, legal ramifications, etc… I believe this is good experience for anyone wishing to carry unrestricted and I believe the judges look favorably on this type of instruction." ~ Paul from Liverpool, NY about many of our courses and helping to get his restriction removed

Excellent instruction.

"I Took my handgun safety and Article 35 courses with PS&Ed. I now have my permit with no restrictions. Thanks Matt Mallory for your teaching and wisdom." ~ Erich from Onondaga, NY about our NY Handgun Safety and Article 35 Courses

I now have my permit with no restrictions.

"Very useful information. Moves along with examples and side stories of situations that you may encounter and how the law will deal with you. Every Gun owner should attend. Thanks." ~ Dean from Auburn, NY about our Article 35 Course

Very useful information.

"Your seminar on Article 35 was very informative and, at the same time, interesting and entertaining. Many of my questions of when, where, and why I could have issues when in possession of my pistol were answered. Very glad that I took the time." ~ Susan from Liverpool, NY about our Article 35 Course

Very glad that I took the time.

"Very informative and interactive course. Instructor was very informative and personable. I would take this course or any other from this instructor." ~ Reinaldo from Clay, NY about our Article 35 Course

Very informative and interactive course.

"Very informative,knowledge of speakers very professional." ~ Mike from Syracuse, NY about our Article 35 Course

Very informative,knowledge of speakers very professional.

"The Knowledge base is well above what you would expect. When I went in, all I thought I would hear was do, this and don’t do that. The experience these instructors bring to the table is amazing. They kept us interested in what they were saying and made feel that they were not above us. Nor did they act like they didn’t think we deserve to be there. They told us the laws and the consequence, but also told us what our rights were." ~ Bill from Syracuse, NY about our Article 35 Course

The experience these instructors bring to the table is amazing.

"Everything was awesome and extremely informational. Best investment I could have made! The knowledge was top notch and every question asked there was always an intelligent answer that was said. Would and have recommended to anyone wanting to get their pistol permit or just gain knowledge about the subject. Will definitely be taking more classes." ~ Andrew from Oswego, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course, Article 35 Course, SIMCO-2 Course, and Proper Cause Letter Service

Best investment I could have made!

"Another informative class. Big help for swamp navigation." ~ Edward from Oswego, NY about our Article 35 Course

Another informative class.

"Highly recommend taking courses from PS&Ed. Huge amount of learning, tips & tricks presented by an awesome instructor who is able to break things down for you so you can retain the information. I'm looking forward to my next class." ~ Stephanie from Liverpool, NY about our NY Article 35 & NRA CCW1 SIMCO Courses

Highly recommend taking courses…

The course deals with the responsibility to make proper decisions with regard to the use of force in an ever present reality, and is not lessened by the fact that the armed citizen must make these decisions under the worst of circumstances. New York State Residents will learn that their use of force will be subject to scrutiny from both inside and outside the Criminal Justice System. Criminal and civil prosecution may be the result if the individual’s actions are deemed unlawful or inappropriate (excessive force). Yet, failure to use force when it is reasonable and necessary may very well mean injury or death to the person and/or innocent civilians. This course will help you demystify the penal law and understand how-to and when-to respond to life-or-death situations.

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