NRA Certified Instructor Courses

NRA Certified Instructor CoursesAre you a natural born teacher or instructor? Are you good with guns? Do you love firearms and love to teach others what you know? Would you like to teach the NRA Basic Courses to the public, your friends, and family? Then you have the beginnings of what it takes to become a great NRA Certified Instructor.

Our trained, certified and experienced NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors have taught courses all over the county and can also put on any of the below courses at your location. Fill out the below form to signup or contact us with any questions you may have.

Read what our students have to say about our NRA Instructor Courses:

"I enjoyed Matt's class. Knowledgeable and infuses humor on what can be dry information. I recommend taking his course, you won't be bored!" ~ Elaine from Skaneateles, NY about our BIT Course

Knowledgeable and infuses humor…

The cost depends on the length of the course and if it includes live-fire or not. The investment ranges from $80 to $350 plus the small NRA certification fee. You don’t need to be an NRA member to be an instructor but it is suggested that you are. You can signup to become an NRA member here. The training ranges from six hours to two and a half days and usually run on weekends.

You will need to bring the below items.

    • Course books (provided prior to course for you to study)
    • Pen and paper for note taking
    • Water and snacks (bring lunches)
    • Hearing and eye protection (if applicable)
    • Hat and weather appropriate clothing
    • Pistol permit (for pistol courses)
    • A firearm with iron sights unloaded and in a case (for shooting courses only)
    • Cleaning kit
    • Ammunition (Amount dependent on course)

To be certified as an NRA Certified Instructor you must:

  1. Pass the 50 question, closed book, basic student course exam with a 90% or higher grade. The questions are straight from the course book that you will be provided with shortly after payment for the course is made.
  2. Pass the live fire shooting qualification with your firearm. If you can’t do this now, PRACTICE! (SHOOTING COURSES ONLY)
  3. Pass each of the 50 question BIT (if required) and instructor examinations.
  4. Show good a safety foundation and have a good attitude along with other qualities found in good instructors.

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  • All pistol courses require a pistol permit.
  • All instructor courses require that you have completed the BIT (basic instructor training) every two years. Most of the time this course is offered in conjunction with another course. Sometimes it is offered as a stand alone course.
  • Pistol Instructor requires you to have taken the Basic Pistol Phase 1 Course prior to taking it.
  • PPITH requires you to be a Pistol Instructor prior to taking it.
  • PPOTH requires you to be a PPITH instructor and have taken the PPOTH Basic course prior to taking it.


  • Payment: These courses are $80-350 each and are broken down on the PAYMENT PAGE. After signing up for the course above, please visit our PAYMENT PAGE to review the payment terms and make a payment for an NRA Instructor Course.
  • Registration: We do not accept walk-ins. You will be registered upon receipt of the application and payment. No certificates will be issued if payment has not been received prior to course date.
  • Failing either pre-course requirements means you are not going to be an NRA INSTRUCTOR. Please note “ALL MONEY IS NON-REFUNDABLE”. The only other requirement is a positive attitude and showing constant firearms safety.
  • Contact us with any questions.