National Train A Teacher Day

National Train A Teacher Day (NTATD) was created by our good friends Klint and Grant.
In the wake of the most recent tragedy, we once again see a public that is concerned, angered, scared, and looking for answers.

As professional firearms safety and defensives educators, we take it upon ourselves each day to bring safety, defense, tactical, medical, and awareness curriculum to our fellow citizens. We do this because we ultimately want a safer more prepared citizenry. We do this to empower our fellow citizens and prepare them to face and defeat evil if ever they have to confront it. As Rob Pincus says, we do it to “Protect What We Love”.

We, proclaim July 20th, 2019 the 2nd Annual “National Train A Teacher Day”, to work together to empower the people that educate our children. The below courses are offered for free to teachers on this date. Simply click the link for the course that you are wanting to attend, and when registering for the July 20th date, make sure to note in the comments that you are a teacher and would like to take the course for free. To learn more about NTATD or find other courses as well as other locations/instructors visit: