Joe Teti of Dual Survival – Two-Day Survival Course

Joe TetiJoin us on 24-25 September 2022 where Joe Teti former Force Recon Marine, US Army Special Forces, a former operative in a highly classified government counter terrorist unit, and Co-Host of Discovery’s “Dual Survival” will be in in LaFayette, NY running a two-day survival course where he will cover the below topics. Camp on the property so you get the most out of the weekend. The investment for this intense 14 hour per day, two-day course, will be $850. You can REGISTER BELOW and make payment here after registering.

  1. Tactical Reality
  2. Hostage Survival/Apprehension Avoidance
  3. Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Techniques
  4. Train to be Tactical not “Tactcool”
  5. Home Security Measures
  6. Family Vacation Travel/Hotel Security Measures
  7. Defensive Knife Techniques/Self Defense Strategies
  8. How to Build a BOB (Bug Out Bag)
  9. Firearm and Gear Selection for Personal Protection
  10. Choosing the Proper EDC (Everyday Carry) Knife
  11. How to Survive a High Intensity Armed Confrontation: The 3 M’s (Mindset-Marksmanship-Manipulation)
  12. Crisis Event Planning and Procedures
  13. Understanding the Relationship of the Color Code of Awareness and the OODA Loop
  14. Training Scars and How to Avoid Them
  15. Using KIMs Game to Improve Your Attention to Detail
  16. Using the PACE Principle
  17. Fundamentals of Land Navigation: When you’re GPS and Technology Fails
  18. Leadership Do’s and Dont’s
  19. The Art of Camouflage and Concealment
  20. How to Use Mental Imaging and Autogenic Conditioning for Top Performance

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