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Active Shooter SeminarDue to the constant active shooter atrocities we have put our experience and background to work in offering a FREE two-hour Active Shooter Seminar. Our goal is to inform you so lives are saved!

Schools, malls, and now churches are not safe from active shooters. Even worse, many places feel that putting up a sign that says “No Guns Allowed” will keep bad people from entering. We all know that is not the case! So how do you prepare? Do you practice good situational awareness? Are you keen to what is going on around you and what things people are doing that could be a warning sign? Do you know how to fight back if needed? Do you know basic first aid techniques?

Read what our students have to say about this FREE seminar:

"Excellent instruction. I have taken multiple courses from PS&ED; Article 35, SIMCO, USCCA, ETC… This not only helped get my restrictions removed but it provided realistic situational instruction as well as clear information regarding legal rights and responsibilities. This is NOT target shooting at the range. This is situational recognition, avoidance, engagement, legal ramifications, etc… I believe this is good experience for anyone wishing to carry unrestricted and I believe the judges look favorably on this type of instruction." ~ Paul from Liverpool, NY about many of our courses and helping to get his restriction removed

Excellent instruction.

"I talked my self out of owning a gun for many years. I figured many of my friends carried pistols so why bother. These last few years seemed to unleash shooter incidents like I have never seen before. I also was confronted by a guy on a bicycle that came up to me while I was assessing a bees nest on the side of my house. It was September and not a soul was nearby that day living in a rural area with just a few homes around. That day no one other than me and that disheveled guy who demanded I get him a pad and pencil. In my sternest voice I said "that's not going to happen" Out of coincidence I just happen to be wearing my New York State Troopers Association shirt that I had bought at the New York State Fair this year. I didn't have my phone on me or anything at all. I went in the house to calm down and promised myself to always watch my surroundings and never become vulnerable again." ~ Joanne from Warners, NY about our FREE Active Shooter Seminar

I talked my self out of owning a gun for many years.

"Matt is very professional in his classes with a very in-depth knowledge base. Highly recommended." ~ Jim from Auburn, NY about our FREE Active Shooter Seminar

Highly recommended.

"Thank you again for the seminar. I have had a pistol permit for approximately 30 plus years. I have carried on and off since then but after the seminar I'm considering carrying more often. I do follow current events in the world around us but after the seminar my eyes were opened a little more to see just how crazy this world is really getting. Thank you again and keep up the work." ~ Martin from Sodus Point, NY about our FREE Active Shooter Seminar

Thank you again for the seminar.

We will focus on the strategies of Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) and Run, Hide, Fight. You will learn valuable life saving ways to avoid, fight, and survive an active shooter event!

This course will include sections of curriculum and experience from the following sources:

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