USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals (EFAF)

Beyond performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, would you know how to save a life before the paramedics arrive? Or worse, when help isn’t accessible? Become your family’s first responder by taking the “Emergency First Aid Fundamentals,” Course. From learning how to assess a patient’s condition, to delving into proper treatment of chest and spinal injuries, broken bones, shock, serious bleeding, and more, this course will prepare you to help others when only minutes remain between life and death. Register for this course on the below form.

Get your ASHI nationally certified medical training with PS&Ed. For more information on each course click the Learn More link. Signup for the desired course at the bottom of this page. If we don’t have a date listed for a course contact us to arrange putting one on the calendar.

First Aid and CPR with AED First Aid and CPR with AED

Gives students comprehensive training in emergency care, including basic first aid, CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). This course builds the skills and confidence to respond to the most typical life-threatening emergencies. Learn More

Basic Life Support (BLS)Basic Life Support (BLS)

Trains healthcare providers and professional responders how to recognize a life-threatening emergency, how to provide basic life support, and what to do in case of an airway obstruction or choking. Learn More

Bloodborne PathogensBloodborne Pathogens

Helps students understand what bloodborne pathogens are, how to reduce risks of exposure for themselves and others and what steps will be taken if exposure occurs. Learn More

Emergency OxygenEmergency Oxygen

Focuses on administering emergency oxygen to individuals, emergency oxygen delivery systems, and integrating pulse oximetry. Learn More

Pediatric CPR, AED and First AidPediatric CPR, AED and First Aid

Provides an ideal training solution for schools, child care providers, youth sports coaches, and others required to learn how to respond to medical emergencies involving children. Learn More

Child and Babysitting SafetyChild and Babysitting Safety

Delivers fundamental information in babysitting, including proper supervision, basic caregiving skills and safety and injury prevention. Learn More

Advanced First AidAdvanced First Aid

Designed for non-EMS responders including government, corporate, industry, lifeguards, security personnel, law enforcement, corrections personnel and other individuals who are not EMS or healthcare providers but desire or require certification in Advanced First Aid. Learn More

Emergency Medical ResponseEmergency Medical Response

Provides non-EMS responders, including government, corporate, law enforcement, and corrections personnel, with a level of training comparable to a professional emergency medical responder.

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