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Book Matthew Mallory to teach any of the plethora of courses that we offer (such as the UTM, SABRE, TASER, USCCA, and NRA Instructor Courses), for public speaking engagements, rallies, charity events, and/or book signings. Matt is a staunch Second Amendment supporter and self-defense advocate. As shown in his bio (short version below) his experience and dedication are prevalent and make his classes and speaking engagements very energetic. Matt has regular meetings with elected officials and he supports many charities and endeavors. Fill out the form below to start the communication chain for booking him to teach at your location or speak at your next event.

Founder and Lead Instructor of Public Safety and Education (a.k.a. PS&Ed), Matthew J. Mallory is a U.S. Army veteran, former adjunct college professor, nationally recognized self-preservation educator, and published author. Matt is a highly experienced firearms instructor whose passion for weapons and self-defense began at a very young age. Currently, Matt works part-time as a sworn New York State Law Enforcement Officer in the roles of Chief and Academy Director. As a firearms instructor (USCCA, NRA, UTM, New York, Utah, Massachusetts, and Maryland) and self-defense instructor (New York, TASER, ASP, Safariland, and SABRE) he teaches more than 90 different courses, over 300 times each year, to many thousands of civilian and law enforcement students, all over the country. He is a gun store owner (Type 07 and Class 02 FFL), co-host of the IMDb listed talk-show Meet The Pressers, is a public speaker/presenter, writer for numerous national publications, a weekly guest on the iHeart Radio show Dave Allen in the Morning, and has traveled the county working as a brand ambassador and pro staff for many companies (Mantis, USCCA, Laser Ammo, Shooter’s Technology Group, and Angel Armor). His over 35 years of vast experience and passion for teaching ensures that his courses are educational and highly entertaining. You can learn more about Matt via his full bio and his show Meet The Pressers.

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