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New York Safe Boating

Do you need the New York Safe Boating Course?

You need this course in New York if you are at least 14 years old and will be operating a PWC (personal water craft) or if you are at least 10 years old and born on or after May 1, 1996, will be unaccompanied, and will be operating another type of vessel. Signup below or contact us with any questions.

Price: $40
Length: 8 hours
Lead Instructor: Matthew J. Mallory

Read what our students have to say about this course:

"Good course and good instructor." ~ Sean from Skaneateles Falls, NY about our NY Safe Boating Course

Good course and good instructor…

Our course meets the standards for Boating safety education established by New York state. Taught by professional educators with compelling stories, and scenarios that give you a broad example of safe boating practices.

You will partake in a comprehensive study of boating safety while learning the fundamentals of safe boating operation. The course is entirety in the classroom and requires the passing of a 50 question test in order to receive certification.

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