First Responder Safety

First Responder Safety

First Responder Safety Course

A course created out of necessity, due to being approached by multiple first responders asking if we offer something to train fire and ems on terrorists, active killers, or aggressive patients and spectators. Being that there was nothing in the industry of this sort, our currently serving Police and Fire Instructors created this curriculum to fill just that need.

With the increased amount of drug usage these days and the possibility of first responders being harassed, assaulted, or worse – such as in Webster, NY – it is important that they have the right tools to protect themselves, their team, and others.

In the free two-hour seminar we touch on situational awareness and hands-on defensive tactics. The four-hour course goes into depth on situational awareness, hands-on defensive tactics, less lethal options, improvised self defense tools, and considerations for carrying of firearms.

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