Law Enforcement (LE)

Law Enforcement The Law Enforcement Instructors of PS&Ed are DCJS (Division of Criminal Justice Services) and MPTC (Municipal Police Training Council) certified. The below courses are just the beginning of what we can offer which includes the annual DCJS required In-Service training in pepper spray (ASR/OC) and baton. Though defensive tactics (DT) and handcuffing are not required we feel that they are very important tools so they are mixed into all of our courses. Also offered are the firearms (FA) and TASER (CED) in-service refreshers among others listed below. If a course or date you are looking for is not listed, contact us to arrange adding it to the schedule. Stay safe brothers and sisters!

  • Annual In-Service (Firearms, Baton, ASR, CED, DT, and Handcuffing) 1-8 hours
  • H.R.218/LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act) Range Qualification
  • Initial Conducted Energy Device (CED) 8-19 hours
  • Patrol Rifle Operator (PRO) – 14 hours
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Aerosol Subject Restraint (ASR)/OC Instructor – 16 hours
  • Basic Course for Peace Officers – 127 hours
  • Initial Firearms Course – 40-51 hours
  • Initial Aerosol Subject Restraint (ASR)/OC – 6-17 hours
  • Initial Baton – 3-14 hours

What our students have to say about our law enforcement courses:

"I took the LEOSA course and range qualifying course,II thought the course was very well presented and cleared up a lot of confusion about the LEOSA/HR218 law. The instructors were very well informed and answered any questions the attendees had. I have taken two courses from your company and was very impressed with both. I will definitely sign up for more courses in the future and I would and will recommend your company to anyone who asks." ~ Jim from Auburn, NY about our LEOSA/HR218 Course

The instructors were very well informed…

"Course was very well presented; professional, well trained instructors." ~ William from Auburn, NY about our LEOSA/HR218 Course

Course was very well presented; professional, well trained instructors