Survival Series LIVE Kick-offDo terrorist attacks, active shooter events, hurricanes, snow storms and other acts of God make you wonder if you are prepared enough?

Do you have everything you need to bug out or to shelter in? Are you prepared to withstand basic emergency situations such as a power outage or broken down vehicle? Do you have a plan and if so do you practice it? Do you know how to gather food and water and make a fire without a match or lighter? Have you wanted to get off the grid and be self sufficient?

Our trained and experienced survivalists teach you how to be prepared for everything from minor accidents to a full on disaster. Our courses covers basic survival, emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, first aid, lighting, and the communication necessary to prepare for and survive after an emergency. Are you prepared? Can you survive?

Topics Covered:

  • Surviving in unprecedented times! (1.5hrs) $15
  • Prepping – home, vehicles, bug-out-bags (2hrs) $20
  • Homesteading – garden, chickens, honeybees (4hrs) $40
  • Off The Grid – solar, wind, hydro. (4hrs) $40
  • Basic Woodland Survival – Informational (2hrs) $20
  • Advanced Woodland Survival – Hands-on (6hrs) $60
    • Orienteering – navigation
    • Building a Shelter
    • 12+ Ways to Start a Fire
    • Finding Water
    • Foraging for Food – plants, hunting, fishing
    • Communication – radio, languages
  • Cold Weather Survival (2-3hr) $30

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