Welcome to the official website of Public Safety and Education, better known as PS&Ed (pronounced P. S. and Ed). Offering training and education courses and private lessons coupled with shooting guns before you buy them with our Try Me/Buy Me (TM/BM) shoot. We can also bring any of our courses to your location and if a course or date you are looking for is not listed, contact us to arrange adding it to the schedule.

PS&Ed is also a Type 07 FFL which allows us to buy and sell guns, ammo, pepper spray, and service our client’s firearms. We offer all major manufacturers products as well as a full slate of gunsmith and manufacturing services.

Don’t miss our IMDb listed show Meet The Pressers where we bring our experience and witty banter to the masses. Other ways to soak in the education we have to offer is to read articles we put out for national print and online publications, such as Matt’s interview with George Zimmerman , Most Popular Duty Guns for Law Enforcement, Gear You Need to Become the Ultimate 3-Gunner, Testing ESS Eye Pro., and The Smoking Gun – Marijuana and the Second Amendment.

Located near Syracuse, in Upstate New York – founded by military veterans and current law enforcement officers – we look forward to helping you with all of your firearms and self-defense needs.

Meet the Pressers with Matt and Klint

Meet the Pressers with Matt Mallory and Klint Macro

Meet The Pressers” is the industry’s newest internet show that discusses firearms, defensive training, products, accessories, politics, and political activism. The program is hosted by Matt Mallory and Klint Macro. Learn more about the show here.

We teach courses around the country but with a heavy concentration of classes being taught in the New York cities of, but not limited to, Buffalo, Batavia, Ontario, Syracuse, Bath, Binghamton, Watertown, New Hartford, Oneonta, and Long Island.

Courses and Training We Offer

Read what our students have to say about us: 

"I just took the NY Law and handgun safety course with Matt, and I have to say that I am very impressed. The class is 4 hours long and it just flew by. Matt is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable about all things guns and safety. Matt was one of the best instructors I have ever come across, great attitude, great sense of humor, and knows how to work a crowd. I would highly recommend this course to any family or friends. I will be continuing on with my handgun education through Matt." ~ Joe K. of Auburn, NY

Matt was one of the best instructors I have ever come across

"Great job last night Matt. Excellent social distancing and use of masks during the class, everyone felt safe during the 4 hours we were there. The feedback I received from everyone was that they learned a lot and all will be pursuing their pistol licenses. Appreciate the ease of setting up the class, and it was a breeze paying on your website. Thank you for your class, we learned so much. Look forward to working with you regarding shooting lessons and purchasing the right gun." ~ Kim H. of Baldwinsville, NY

Everyone felt safe during the 4 hours we were there.

"PS and Ed is amazing! The courses are so informational and Matt keeps the class fun an engaging. I was shocked when class ended as it didn’t feel like it had been 5 hours. I will only take classes through PS and Ed!" ~ Kaitlin Y. of Liverpool, NY

"This course could have been 8 hours of dry regulations that were force fed in a classroom, but instead it was dynamic and informative class that covered all the bases. All the instruction is broken down into requirements, their interpretation, and real world examples. Examples of both good and bad decisions and their consequences were illustrated. Everyone in the class felt comfortable asking questions and Matt answered every question honestly. You can’t beat the quality or price for this class." ~ Darrell C. of Morrisville, NY

You can’t beat the quality or price for this class.

"Matt Mallory is an amazing instructor. The four hour course was full of information and went by far too quickly! I look forward to taking other courses from him!!" ~ Monique S. of Auburn, NY

I look forward to taking other courses from him!!

"This is the 2nd handgun safety course I have taken. The psanded course led by Matt was a much better experience by far. The information delivery was engaging and there was a good balance of his personal experiences sprinkled throughout. I really enjoyed the class and have already signed up for another psanded course. Looking forward to ongoing education from them in the future!" ~ Dana M. of Auburn, NY

I really enjoyed the class and have already signed up for another PS&Ed course

"I was dreading having to sit for a 4 hour class expecting it to be boring, dry and mundane. It proved to be quite the contrary. You made it engaging and informative at the same time. I learned a great deal and the time flew by. I totally appreciate the work you put into preparing your class and I look forward to taking future classes from you! Thank you, Matt!" ~ Kathleen M. of Onondaga, NY

You made it engaging and informative at the same time.

"I was afraid this course would compare to sitting in a 6 hour defensive driving course and didn’t know what to expect. I laughed, I learned, and am more than interested in learning more! This class is the only one in my eyes and Matt strives to make sure you understand how to protect yourself from the “bad guys” but protect as well. I think my favorite line was “protect your hardware so you don’t ruin your software.” 10 out of 10 stars and then some! My husband will be attending your class soon and we can’t wait to learn more from you! Thanks for all you do!" ~ Mariya C. of Onondaga, NY

I laughed, I learned, and am more than interested in learning more

"I had a great experience with PS&ED. Matt was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about teaching and was able to answer all questions thrown at him. The class kept you interested in the topic throughout the whole session and learned many new things about laws, safety and how the different styles of handguns operate. I will be rejoining for many more classes on different topics and look forward to becoming more in-depth in the firearms world." ~ Alan H. of Marcellus, NY

"Very informational course. Instructor was excellent. The 4 hours flew by honestly. One thing I noticed is attention to detail. For example in my last pistol course ( Different instructor) FOIL was never mentioned. Which I thought was a big deal. Will definitely be back to take the taser course and hopefully some hands on courses. Very satisfied thank you!" ~ Justin S. of Auburn, NY

Will definitely be back.

"Mr Mallory was very informative and his demonstration was so clear. I didn’t have to ask any questions because I understood him. He is very friendly and I enjoyed my time in his class. The course last four hour and there wasn’t a dull moment. He is an excellent teacher. I wish College was so interesting. I learned at lot about approaching an incident before deciding to use a weapon, carry and concealment was amazing, I learned when you have no choice to protect yourself and many more things. THE COURSE WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL. I would do all my courses with Mallory Unlimited when I can it’s just the right one for me to take my courses. HE IS GOOD!!!!" ~ Belinda S. of Chester, NY

I wish College was so interesting.

"I was nervous to take this class. Matt made us feel comfortable as soon as we entered. He kept it fun but very informative. I feel I gained so much knowledge and was able to take it home with me to educate my boyfriend. I will be back to take several other courses!!! Thank you so much!" ~ Jennifer G. of Baldwinsville, NY

I feel I gained so much knowledge and was able to take it home with me to educate my boyfriend.

"My experience at your hand gun safety course was awesome! Matt you have so much experience and knowledge that it was an honor to learn from you. I will definitely be in contact with you in the future for additional training and guidance. Also I want to thank you for your service!!!" ~ Christopher R. of Port Byron, NY

It was an honor to learn from you

I was approved no restrictions by Judge Thomas J. Miller. Thank you for all your help. ~ Jodi W. from Syracuse about our “Proper Cause” Letter Writing Service

Approved no restrictions…

"PS&Ed staff were more than helpful in assisting me while I was applying for an upgrade to a pistol permit with no restrictions. Matt is extremely knowledgeable on gun safety, laws, and the 2nd Amendment. After a long 2 years of trying to obtain my carry permit, I received my full carry permit and I could not have done it without the confidence, expertise, and care of Matt and his team. He really cares about your interests and will not give up until your goal is achieved, or if all ideas are outsourced. What started 2 years ago for me as an interest in target shooting has become a desire to live a lifestyle in carrying responsibly, and to become a supporter in promoting change to some of New York's difficult laws on purchasing, acquiring, inheriting, owing, and possessing firearms. My advice to all for acquiring an unrestricted pistol permit is to enroll in the Handgun Safety and NRA Basic Pistol courses. Keep taking classes with Matt, you will learn so much about guns, safety, and federal and state laws. You will also learn how to properly react in threatening situations; if you ever have to draw a weapon. Be patient with your judge, and instructor do not give up if you are denied the privilege of having an unrestricted pistol permit. It is an honored achievement when you can obtain an unrestricted pistol permit on your own with the courteous help of an instructor, rather than applying though cronyism." ~ Brandon B. from Clay, NY about our "Proper Cause" Letter Writing Service and many courses

I received my full carry permit…

"Matt, you are a very talented young man. What a blessing to meet someone like you. God bless you in your business and in your life. Your classes were very informative and engaging. God bless you, brother. Hope to see you again sometime." ~ Ricky from Syracuse, NY about our Church Security and SABRE Red Pepper Spray Courses

Matt, you are a very talented young man.

"Excellent instruction. I have taken multiple courses from PS&ED; Article 35, SIMCO, USCCA, ETC… This not only helped get my restrictions removed but it provided realistic situational instruction as well as clear information regarding legal rights and responsibilities. This is NOT target shooting at the range. This is situational recognition, avoidance, engagement, legal ramifications, etc… I believe this is good experience for anyone wishing to carry unrestricted and I believe the judges look favorably on this type of instruction." ~ Paul from Liverpool, NY about many of our courses and helping to get his restriction removed

Excellent instruction.

"You were informative and thorough, and entertaining at the same time. I took a six hour course and the time just flew by. I am so much more aware of my surroundings now and feel better prepared for the unexpected. Thank you, Matt! I will recommend your classes to everyone! You are truly an amazing person!" ~ Lynn from Syracuse, NY about our Church Security Courses and SABRE Red Pepper Spray Course

You are truly an amazing person!

"I think all the classes help but what put it over the top was the letter you wrote for me.You said everything I wanted to say but did not know how to put into the correct words. So thank you very much. I will spread the word to all I know looking to get a firearm permit the safe and correct way." ~ Jim from Syracuse, NY about our "Proper Cause" Letter Writing Service

…what put it over the top was the letter you wrote for me.

"Matt is very professional in his classes with a very in-depth knowledge base. Highly recommended." ~ Jim from Auburn, NY about our FREE Active Shooter Seminar

Highly recommended.

"Matt is a very qualified teacher. His knowledge and experience are evident in the classroom and on the range. In particular, the range portion of the concealed carry class was illuminating. Everyone got the chance to shoot from cover, shoot from different positions and even while on the move. These are things most civilians don't get the chance to practice with live ammunition locally. I definitely plan on taking the advanced concealed carry class next month. Thanks for the great instruction Matt!" ~ James K. from Syracuse about our USCCA Certified Concealed Carry Course

the concealed carry class was illuminating

"This was a great class. It was informative and fun at the same time. It give me a better understanding of my surroundings. It taught me what I need to be aware of and how quickly a situation can occur. Matt was a wonderful instructor and was very knowledgeable of the content and the real life examples/experiences. I would highly recommend this course and others that Matt offers." ~ Kaylie from Liverpool, NY about our SABRE Red Pepper Spray Course

It was informative and fun at the same time.

"Professional, knowledgeable and very hands on. Worth EVERY penny. Understands our concerns and continually improving to meet our needs. They work hard so you don't have to. Great experience! Will be back for more!" ~ Doc. Faisal from Syracuse about our Multi-State Pistol Permit Course

Worth EVERY penny. Great experience! Will be back for more!

"Just completed the Basic Range Safety Officer Training Course. I enjoyed the course and learned far more than just the Course description. Matt's teaching style makes it very easy to learn. Matt keeps all students involved and engaged. I would highly recommend PS&ED to any one looking to Further there firearm education and training. I am looking forward to attending more classes with Matt!! Thank You." ~ Mike from Clay, NY about our Basic Range Safety Officer Training Course

…learned far more than just the Course description.

"I Took my handgun safety and Article 35 courses with PS&Ed. I now have my permit with no restrictions. Thanks Matt Mallory for your teaching and wisdom." ~ Erich from Onondaga, NY about our NY Handgun Safety and Article 35 Courses

I now have my permit with no restrictions.

"One of the best classes I ever took. Matt was a very personable and knowledgeable instructor. This USCCA Instructor course far exceeds the NRA Pistol Instructor course. I plan on taking more courses from Matt and PS&ED." ~ Doug from Homer, NY about our USCCA Instructor Workshop

One of the best classes I ever took.

"The Knowledge base is well above what you would expect. When I went in, all I thought I would hear was do, this and don’t do that. The experience these instructors bring to the table is amazing. They kept us interested in what they were saying and made feel that they were not above us. Nor did they act like they didn’t think we deserve to be there. They told us the laws and the consequence, but also told us what our rights were." ~ Bill from Syracuse, NY about our Article 35 Course

The experience these instructors bring to the table is amazing.

"Everything was awesome and extremely informational. Best investment I could have made! The knowledge was top notch and every question asked there was always an intelligent answer that was said. Would and have recommended to anyone wanting to get their pistol permit or just gain knowledge about the subject. Will definitely be taking more classes." ~ Andrew from Oswego, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course, Article 35 Course, SIMCO-2 Course, and Proper Cause Letter Service

Best investment I could have made!

"The class was great and contained lots of valuable information. I really loved your presence in the classroom and your passion for the subject matter. I am speaking to my girlfriend now about having her take the same course. For me personally I plan to do the multi-state and "try it before you buy it" course myself. I look forward to seeing you in the future!" ~ Andrew from Baldwinsville, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course

The class was great…

"I've taken both a private lesson, and now the USCCA Basic Concealed Carry Firearms Course with Matt after today. He is an excellent trainer in the classroom and especially on the range during live fire. His extensive experience provides real life examples of the Do's & Do not's of laws, safety, and proper marksmanship techniques; Not just routine target shooting but real life scenarios all responsible permit holders need to know & practice, but can't always do so during routine range time at most clubs. All levels of experience need to take the many courses Matt and his staff offer. Highly recommend; well worth the cost." ~ David from Liverpool, NY about our private lessons and USCCA Certified Concealed Carry Course

He is an excellent trainer…

"I attended Matt's class on Pepper Spray recently and found it very helpful and informative. It was a good combination of classroom and practice so that I felt more comfortable actually using the pepper spray canister should I ever need to. Matt's classes are enjoyable with a relaxed atmosphere while at the same time much information is covered. I particularly liked the small class size as it allowed us extra time for practice. I would recommend classes with Matt and intend to take a few more myself." ~ CJ from Jamesville, NY about our SABRE Red Pepper Spray Course

…found it very helpful and informative.

"Matt, it was a pleasure meeting you and attending the Advanced Concealed Carry course. It is well worth taking, more for the knowledge that you provide but also for the critique that you provide your class with the errors that you found when we were shooting. You developed the course with an eye on visual variety and for real life scenarios. Look forward to taking another class. Thank you for an educational and fun day!" ~ Michael from Solvay, NY about our USCCA Advanced Concealed Carry Course

It is well worth taking…

"This was my first ever experience with "live pistols & handguns". I had taken the online course & was eager and excited but at the same time nervous. There was a lot to process and assimilate but Matt showed a high level of knowledge, experience and patience that translated into a comfortable level of confidence for me. He was there for me in every aspect of safety, proper range protocols, loading & unloading my handgun as well as proper stance, sighting & shooting it with a reasonable level of success. I came out of this class with exactly the experiences I wanted to safely handle my handgun in my everyday experience. I would highly recommend this Phase II class to everyone." ~ Ray from N. Syracuse, NY about our NRA Basic Pistol Phase II Course

This was my first ever experience…

"With 42 years of military/defense contractor experience, I have been on both sides of the lectern and can state categorically your presentation of a large body of information to a eclectic group was superb! You were in complete control, presenting information in a manner conducive to retention and eagerly engaged with the participants in a light comfortable manner. I not only recommend your course to all others, but fully intend to seek out some of your other offerings e.g., your "Try Them All" program. Well done, thank you!" ~ LTC Alan B. USA Ret. from Cazenovia, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course

I not only recommend your course…

"Obtaining a Florida permit was easy as I already had a Utah permit. Class is taught by professionals with safety first and foremost. Taking several more courses shortly." ~ John from Cicero, NY about our Multi-State Course

Class is taught by professionals…

"I got approved for concealed carry with no restrictions, in Onondaga county. Thanks for having me attend. I'll be in your multi-state course in the future." ~ Ryan from Liverpool, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course

I got approved for concealed carry no restrictions…

Our team of instructors is comprised of USCCA and NRA Certified Training Counselors and Instructors, Law Enforcement Instructors and Officers, Military Veterans, Paramedics, and Firefighters. We offer help you write your Proper Cause letter to the judge.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, to signup for any training/education or to book us for any of our provided services. Please remember to vote for pro gun politicians and consider joining the NRA so they can continue to fight for our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If you are not an NRA member you can join here.

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