Smokeless Range Courses

Are you new to shooting or do you just want to hone your skills with a handgun? The below three courses let you do just that in a controlled and safe environment using laser technology with our Smokeless Range Courses.

The NRA Simulated Course (SIMCO) focuses on pistol marksmanship and learning the five fundamentals of shooting accurately. Practicing in a square range with live-fire is a must. However, most ranges wont let you draw from the holster and that is where the Draw, Shoot, & Re-Holster (DSR) Course comes in. Building off the SIMCO Course DSR teaches the proper way to safely and efficiently draw and re-holster your weapon. Lastly, the Shoot, Don’t Shoot (SDS) Course adds stress inoculation such as audio exclusion, time dilation, loss of dexterity, heightened visual acuity/tunnel vision, and an adrenaline dump and is the epitome of training like you will fight.

These combined courses will help you to better your odds of surviving a real dynamic critical incident! In these courses you will be using laser pistols such as the SIRT, ATLP and an ATP air-soft semi-auto with recoil shooting at static and dynamic targets, as well as playing a role in real life video scenarios to help strengthen your ability to cope with the unknown. You will practice with and without a cover garment, with different holsters in different positions, and you will even do malfunction/stoppage drills and magazine swaps. Read more about each of the courses below and register at the bottom of this page. Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Pricing: These courses are $60 each or $175 for all three.
Length of Course: 2 hours each
What to Bring: Notebook & Pen
Dress Attire: Comfortable clothing with a thick and secure belt
Instructor: Matthew Mallory

What our students have to say about this course:

"PS&Ed staff were more than helpful in assisting me while I was applying for an upgrade to a pistol permit with no restrictions. Matt is extremely knowledgeable on gun safety, laws, and the 2nd Amendment. After a long 2 years of trying to obtain my carry permit, I received my full carry permit and I could not have done it without the confidence, expertise, and care of Matt and his team. He really cares about your interests and will not give up until your goal is achieved, or if all ideas are outsourced. What started 2 years ago for me as an interest in target shooting has become a desire to live a lifestyle in carrying responsibly, and to become a supporter in promoting change to some of New York's difficult laws on purchasing, acquiring, inheriting, owing, and possessing firearms. My advice to all for acquiring an unrestricted pistol permit is to enroll in the Handgun Safety and NRA Basic Pistol courses. Keep taking classes with Matt, you will learn so much about guns, safety, and federal and state laws. You will also learn how to properly react in threatening situations; if you ever have to draw a weapon. Be patient with your judge, and instructor do not give up if you are denied the privilege of having an unrestricted pistol permit. It is an honored achievement when you can obtain an unrestricted pistol permit on your own with the courteous help of an instructor, rather than applying though cronyism." ~ Brandon B. from Clay, NY about our "Proper Cause" Letter Writing Service and many courses

I received my full carry permit…

"Excellent instruction. I have taken multiple courses from PS&ED; Article 35, SIMCO, USCCA, ETC… This not only helped get my restrictions removed but it provided realistic situational instruction as well as clear information regarding legal rights and responsibilities. This is NOT target shooting at the range. This is situational recognition, avoidance, engagement, legal ramifications, etc… I believe this is good experience for anyone wishing to carry unrestricted and I believe the judges look favorably on this type of instruction." ~ Paul from Liverpool, NY about many of our courses and helping to get his restriction removed

Excellent instruction.

"Everything was awesome and extremely informational. Best investment I could have made! The knowledge was top notch and every question asked there was always an intelligent answer that was said. Would and have recommended to anyone wanting to get their pistol permit or just gain knowledge about the subject. Will definitely be taking more classes." ~ Andrew from Oswego, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course, Article 35 Course, SIMCO-2 Course, and Proper Cause Letter Service

Best investment I could have made!

"Highly recommend taking courses from PS&Ed. Huge amount of learning, tips & tricks presented by an awesome instructor who is able to break things down for you so you can retain the information. I'm looking forward to my next class." ~ Stephanie from Liverpool, NY about our NY Article 35 & NRA CCW1 SIMCO Courses

Highly recommend taking courses…

No pistol permit is required since you are shooting on a simulated range with laser technology. Each course is two-hours in length and an investment of only $60. Payment for the courses can be made on the Payment Page. There is no prerequisites to these courses but we suggest you take the courses in this order: SIMCO, DSR, Use of Force, and SDS.

NRA SIMulated COurse (SIMCO)

This course focuses on on safety and the NRA fundamentals of pistol shooting to include: aiming, hold control, breath control, trigger control, and follow through, along with natural-point-of-aim, grip, and stance. You will learn the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship during this training. This course is the base for all courses and perfect for new shooters or those new to handguns! Graduates from this course will receive an NRA SIMCO Certificate.

Draw, Shoot, & Re-Holster (DSR)

How fast can you draw and shoot? Are you accurate? Many people have never practiced the very important four-step process of drawing a firearm and intuitively shooting at a target while under stress. This course takes over from the NRA SIMCO course and has you work on drawing, presenting, and shooting, at multiple targets using state-of-the-art laser pistols, all while working on your fundamentals, proper grip, and stance. This course is perfect to build your neural pathways and fine tune your pistol presentation process! Graduates from this course will receive a PS&Ed Certificate. 

Shoot, Don’t Shoot (SDS)

How good are you at de-escalation? Do you have the skills it takes to decipher a possible deadly situation and then make the split second decision if it is a valid threat to you or not? In this course you will be put under stress while being presented with video scenarios of possible threats. You will need to break down a possible deadly situation before making a life changing decision to shoot or not! Learning how to “AII”, that is Acquire, Identify, and Isolate, if the threat is valid and you feel like you could die or be mortally wounded. Shoot to stop the threat if the situation warrants it! The Laser Ammo Smokeless Range Video Scenario Trainer is a simulator used by law enforcement and military all over the world. The training you receive will give you valuable skills that could save your life or even keep you out of jail. This course is what you need to understand how important situational awareness is and the ability to respond accordingly under pressure! Graduates from this course will receive a PS&Ed Certificate. 

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    • Weapons: Firearms & Ammunition: This is NOT a live-fire course! Due to this course inducing stress and causing you to cognitively think, for safety reasons, we do not allow any types of weapons on the students. Please make sure to secure your firearms, pepper spray, TASER/CEW, knives, and other defensive tools prior to signing into the class.
    • Payment: These courses are $60 for one or $175 for all three. After filling out the form above and clicking the “Submit Registration” button above the form will take you to a page to make payment with PayPal/credit card. If you accidentally closed out of the payment page you can make payment from our PAYMENT PAGE. If you want to mail a check/money order you can close out of the payment page, after clicking “Submit Registration” above and visit our PAYMENT PAGE for directions on where to mail a check/money order and who to make it out to. You can also review our payment terms on that page.
    • Registration: We do not accept walk-ins. You will need to register above and make payment to secure a seat in the course.
    • Citizenship & Convictions: You must be a LEGAL United States Citizen in order to attend this course. If you have questions, contact us.
    • At Your Location: For your convenience, we offer the above courses at your location. We do require a guaranteed minimum of ten students for a private course. Contact us to book a course at your location or chose “TBD At Your Location” from the form drop down from the desired course above and we will be in touch to set a date.
    • Contact us with any questions.