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Read what our students have to say about our NRA Courses:

"Took Basic Pistol and Basic Pistol Instructor. Matt is an awesome instructor and loves what he does and it shows . He takes the time with students to make sure they understand the information he is presenting, also has a great facility. I will definitely take classes from him in the future" ~ Len H. from Oswego, NY

Matt is an awesome instructor

"This was my first time requalifying with PS&Ed. The instructor was very knowledgeable, professional and pleasure to work with. Had a blast with the tactical shooting portion of the class learn a great deal, excellent information and training. Would definitely be returning next year and spreading the word." ~ Edward E. from Syracuse, NY

Had a blast with the tactical shooting portion of the class

"I enjoyed the course. Matt is an excellent instructor, he makes his classes interesting and gets the lessons across. I’ve taken a few classes with PS&Ed and I always come away better for it. I would recommend Matt as an instructor to family and friends. Matt truly lives it and is more than willing to help his students achieve success in training." ~ Michael W. from Yorkville, NY

Matt is an excellent instructor

"Another Awesome Class From The Folks At PS&ED!" ~ Edward D. of Oswego, NY

"PS&Ed staff were more than helpful in assisting me while I was applying for an upgrade to a pistol permit with no restrictions. Matt is extremely knowledgeable on gun safety, laws, and the 2nd Amendment. After a long 2 years of trying to obtain my carry permit, I received my full carry permit and I could not have done it without the confidence, expertise, and care of Matt and his team. He really cares about your interests and will not give up until your goal is achieved, or if all ideas are outsourced. What started 2 years ago for me as an interest in target shooting has become a desire to live a lifestyle in carrying responsibly, and to become a supporter in promoting change to some of New York's difficult laws on purchasing, acquiring, inheriting, owing, and possessing firearms. My advice to all for acquiring an unrestricted pistol permit is to enroll in the Handgun Safety and NRA Basic Pistol courses. Keep taking classes with Matt, you will learn so much about guns, safety, and federal and state laws. You will also learn how to properly react in threatening situations; if you ever have to draw a weapon. Be patient with your judge, and instructor do not give up if you are denied the privilege of having an unrestricted pistol permit. It is an honored achievement when you can obtain an unrestricted pistol permit on your own with the courteous help of an instructor, rather than applying though cronyism." ~ Brandon B. from Clay, NY about our "Proper Cause" Letter Writing Service and many courses

I received my full carry permit…

"Just completed the Basic Range Safety Officer Training Course. I enjoyed the course and learned far more than just the Course description. Matt's teaching style makes it very easy to learn. Matt keeps all students involved and engaged. I would highly recommend PS&ED to any one looking to Further there firearm education and training. I am looking forward to attending more classes with Matt!! Thank You." ~ Mike from Clay, NY about our Basic Range Safety Officer Training Course

…learned far more than just the Course description.

"I enjoyed Matt's class. Knowledgeable and infuses humor on what can be dry information. I recommend taking his course, you won't be bored!" ~ Elaine from Skaneateles, NY about our BIT Course

Knowledgeable and infuses humor…

"This was my first ever experience with "live pistols & handguns". I had taken the online course & was eager and excited but at the same time nervous. There was a lot to process and assimilate but Matt showed a high level of knowledge, experience and patience that translated into a comfortable level of confidence for me. He was there for me in every aspect of safety, proper range protocols, loading & unloading my handgun as well as proper stance, sighting & shooting it with a reasonable level of success. I came out of this class with exactly the experiences I wanted to safely handle my handgun in my everyday experience. I would highly recommend this Phase II class to everyone." ~ Ray from N. Syracuse, NY about our NRA Basic Pistol Phase II Course

This was my first ever experience…

"Great class! Highly recommended for anyone new to shooting." ~ Edward from Oswego, NY about our NRA Basic Pistol Phase II Course

Great class!