Active Killer

Active Shooter SeminarActive killer atrocities seem to be a daily occurrence. They can happen at any place, at anytime, for any reason or no reason at all.

Schools, malls, and even churches are not safe from active killers. Even worse, many places feel that putting up a sign that says “No Guns Allowed” will keep bad people from entering. We all know that is not the case! So how do you prepare? Do you practice good situational awareness? Are you keen to what is going on around you and what things people are doing that could be a warning sign? Do you know how to fight back if needed? Do you know basic first aid techniques?

Christian Sheepdogs must sound the alarm and join together to defend the flock. Scripture tells us, “There will be terrible times in the last days…” (2 Timothy 3).

Our goal is to educate good people so that they can implement what is needed so that lives are saved! We offer training and products for schools, churches, and businesses and have put our experience and background to work to help good people have the skills and tools to slow down and stop active killers, before they can carry out their heinous plan.

Training offered includes:

  1. Active Killer – Free Seminar, 2-hours FREE
  2. Security Assessment, Lay the groundwork for your safety preparedness plan by conducting an in depth Security Assessment. (3-hours $300 flat)
  3. Active Killer – Basic Course, Being aware of your surroundings, noticing pre-assault indicators, and putting safeguards in place is key to thwarting an active killer prior to them firing a round! We delve into many aspects of being mentally and physically prepared prior to and at the onset of an active killer event. (4-hours $40ea attendee)
  4. Active Killer – Advanced Course, Transferring your situational awareness into action is imperative when an active killer event is in process. In this course we focus on how to respond with less-lethal tools such as pepper spray, TASERs, stun guns, flashlights, and open-hand-tactics/defensive tactics.(4-hours $40ea attendee)
  5. Active Killer – Master Live-Fire Course, This course focuses on the “AII” process and was specifically designed for close quarters where accuracy is paramount. Engaging and stopping the active killer is the goal all while not to causing harm to the innocent people that are caught up in the event. (4-hours $80ea attendee)
  6. Active Killer Drill, Pulling it all together with scenario based drills. Practicing reality based drills builds muscle memory and turns response into a second nature response. (4-hours $1,500 flat)
  7. USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter Threat (CMST)
  8. Medical Courses
  9. Security Guard Certifications
  10. Article 35 Use of Force
  11. TASER Civilian CEW Course
  12. Pepper Spray Course
  13. Smokeless Range Laser Courses

Read what our students have to say about this FREE seminar:

"Matt, you are a very talented young man. What a blessing to meet someone like you. God bless you in your business and in your life. Your classes were very informative and engaging. God bless you, brother. Hope to see you again sometime." ~ Ricky from Syracuse, NY about our Church Security and SABRE Red Pepper Spray Courses

Matt, you are a very talented young man.

"Thank you, Matt for all the great instruction. I am definitely going to be more aware and watchful. God bless you as you raise your two year old. What a wonderful thing you and your wife have done." ~ Diane about our Church Security Courses

I am definitely going to be more aware and watchful.

"You were informative and thorough, and entertaining at the same time. I took a six hour course and the time just flew by. I am so much more aware of my surroundings now and feel better prepared for the unexpected. Thank you, Matt! I will recommend your classes to everyone! You are truly an amazing person!" ~ Lynn from Syracuse, NY about our Church Security Courses and SABRE Red Pepper Spray Course

You are truly an amazing person!

"I believed the course, contents and instruction to be perfect. The six hours went by quickly. Looking forward to more." ~ Mick from Syracuse, NY about our Church Security Course

The six hours went by quickly.

"Another excellent PS&ED course." ~ Mick from Syracuse, NY about our SABRE Red Pepper Spray Course

Another excellent PS&ED course.

We will focus on the strategies of Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) and Run, Hide, Fight. You will learn valuable life saving ways to avoid, fight, and survive an active killer event!

This course will include sections of curriculum and experience from the following sources:

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