Tactical Shotgun

This Tactical Shotgun Course is for currently sworn Law Enforcement Officers. Armed Security Guards are also authorized to attend. This is a New York State MPTC approved course that will show up in the DCJS Acadis training records for NY LE. This is the course that you want if you currently carry, will be carrying, or wish to carry a shotgun on the job. It will help to indemnify you in court, if you use a rifle in your course of duty!

The Tactical Shotgun Course is an initial course designed for currently sworn law enforcement officers who have completed the initial firearms section during basic training. It provides law enforcement agencies across the state with a minimum shotgun standard that will enhance public safety in New York State and enable agencies across the state to be confident of the capabilities of members of their agencies.

Investment: $130 for 8 hours of training. Contact us for more info.
Prerequisites: You MUST be a currently sworn law enforcement officer or currently licensed NY Armed Security Guard
Course of Fire
: B-27 up to 50 yards
Student Evaluation Standards: Firearms, Demonstration Objectives, Final Examination
Equipment Requirements:

  • Duty style 12 gauge shotgun (Mossberg or Remington recommended)
  • Sling for shotgun (two point connection suggested)
  • 200 rounds of 00 buckshot ammunition
  • 20 rounds of birdshot ammunition
  • 10 rounds of slug ammunition
  • 100 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Duty handgun (minimum of 9mm in caliber)
  • Level 2 or 3 holster for handgun
  • Three (3) magazines for your handgun
  • Mag pouch for two handgun mags
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Baseball style hat to block sun and casings
  • Duty gun belt regularly carried with keepers
  • Ballistics vest with carrier
  • Weather appropriate clothing (rain gear, boots, etc)
  • Food, water, and snacks
  • Misc: sun block and bug spray – optional

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    • Payment: This course is only $130. After filling out the form above and clicking the “Submit Registration” button above the form will take you to a page to make payment with PayPal/credit card. If you want to mail a check/money order you can close out of the payment page, after clicking “Submit Registration” above and visit our PAYMENT PAGE for directions on where to mail a check/money order and who to make it out to. You can also review our payment terms on that page.
    • Registration: We do not accept walk-ins. You will need to register above and fully make payment in order to secure a seat in this course.
    • Attendance: Eight-hours (8) of training is required to complete the course. Students must attend all hours of the training in order to successfully complete the training and have said training entered into the official training records of Acadis.
    • Curriculum: All curriculum and standards-of-training are set forth by the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), Municipal Police Training Council (MPTC).
    • Contact us with any questions.