Force on Force

These courses will equip you with the knowledge to properly plan for, avoid, and respond to potential threats. 

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Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM)Our Force-on-Force courses use the Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) firearms conversion kits and Non Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA). This 360 degrees, Reality-Based-Training (RBT) is designed by reverse engineering video footage from actual dynamic-critical-incidents caught on body and dash cams as well as surveillance and cell phone video. We take the skills we want our students to learn, so they can prevail, and plug them, one-by-one, into the UTM training model though skills practice, force-on-target, force-on-role-player, and force-on-force. Finally, a culmination of all the skills learned will be tested in a scenario.

Home Handgun

You will be taught the proper mindset, planning, attitude, and situational awareness for your every-day-life and in an effort to speed up your response time so you can ultimately survive a deadly encounter. Civilians must understand the duty to preserve life and make reasonable attempts to solve “problems” without using Deadly Physical Force (DPF). In some instances, we may be forced to move into the unknown or toward a potential threat in order to secure or defend our loved ones. In situations like this, understanding proper movement techniques, use of light, cover and concealment, and marksmanship skills can keep our families and ourselves SAFE when things go awry.

Course Length: 4 hours
Weapons Used: UTM and other stress inoculation tools
Prerequisites: None
Investment: $150 (Make Payment Below)
Instructor: Matthew Mallory, UTM Level 2 (Train-The-Trainer) Instructor
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Concealed Handgun Tactics (CHT) CourseCourses To Chose From:

  • Concealed Handgun
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Home Tactics
  • Rifle and Handgun
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB): knife, hands, ground
  • Dueling – Who’s Faster?
    • The marriage saver
    • Sibling squabbling solver

Skills Focus Include:

  • Situational awareness (assets, liabilities, entrances, and exits)
  • Cognitive thinking (processing data, with the AII model, before making your move)
  • Movement (to cover, shooting on the move, shooting at moving targets)
  • Using cover and concealment correctly to include your positioning
  • Scanning your surroundings (breaking tunnel vision)
  • Issuing verbal commands
  • Shooting positions (transitioning, best use)
  • Transitioning from handgun to long gun
  • Lower force options (types, best options)
  • Shooting angles (how to use them, how they can help you)
  • Accountability of all rounds fired (Once a bullet leaves the gun, it can’t be called back. We are held accountable for where they end up!)
  • Reloading and malfunctions
  • Shooting one handed
  • Low light/no light shooting
  • Hit zones
  • After action steps

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    Packing List:

    • Two layers of clothing with outer layer thick and loose fitting like BDU style
    • Full finger gloves
    • Clear Safety Glasses
    • Groin Protection
    • Note taking material


    • Weapons: Due to the stress level induced in these courses. real weapons such as guns and knives will not be allowed on your person while in the training. These items will be stored while the training is going on.
    • Payment: This course is only $150 per class. After filling out the form above and clicking the “Submit Registration” button above the form will take you to a page to make payment with PayPal/credit card. If you accidentally closed out of the payment page you can make payment from our PAYMENT PAGE. If you want to mail a check/money order you can close out of the payment page, after clicking “Submit Registration” above and visit our PAYMENT PAGE for directions on where to mail a check/money order and who to make it out to. You can also review our payment terms on that page.
    • Registration: We do not accept walk-ins. You will need to register above and fully make payment in order to secure a seat in this course.
    • Citizenship & Convictions: You must be a LEGAL United States Citizen in order to attend this course. If you have questions, contact us.
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