Bullet Casting

With the ammo crisis of 2020, people have returned to the old days of reloading their own shotgun and metallic cartridge ammunition. Once you have the hand-loading bug the next inevitable thing to do is cast your own bullets and this is the course to teach you just that.

In this course you will learn to turn lead ingots into lead bullets. We will also cover how to apply a powder coating that encapsulates the lead for a more accurate, environmental, and in turn safer shot. This will be more than a lecture. It will be hands on and you will be active, as you want to be, in the process of making projectiles (9mm, 223, 45-70, 12ga Slug, and 00 Buckshot) for your reloading endeavors.

Classroom Time: 2 hours
Investment: $40 (Register below then make payment)
Instructor: Matthew Mallory

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