UTM Force on Force Civilian Instructor Certification

UTM - Ultimate Training MunitionsFor many years, Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) has been known for providing their force-on-force products and training to law enforcement and military, around the world. This UTM approved course is the first of its kind! Civilian instructors can now attend this new training designed specifically for civilians, and open up access to ALL of the UTM products. If you are a civilian instructor, such as with the NRA, USCCA, or with your state, and want to teach Reality-Based Force-on-Force Courses to your students using the UTM training model and products, this is the course for you!

The objective of this course is to provide a working knowledge of the UTM system of products and training. You will learn valuable force-on-force drills utilizing UTM products that can be taken back and integrated into your current classes and/or create new Force-on-Force courses to offer your client base. Giving your students top notch self-defense training, as-close-to-realistic-as-possible, is what prepares them for real life deadly encounters. Contextual training is imperative to surviving life or death situations! Offering this type of training is also what separates the vast amount of firearms instructors in the over-saturated lake of experts.

Pictures of drills that instructor candidates participate in and scenarios that they are required to organize and run as a group in order to be certified:

After completion of this eight-hour course you will have obtained the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively utilize the full line of UTM Ammunition and Firearms Conversions in the courses you offer to civilians. You will also be provided with an overview of the UTM Force on Force Training Model which can be used to design your own force-on-force and force-on-target training in a variety of environments.

Additionally, completion of this certification course satisfies the cost requirement to become a UTM Certified Professional Training Organization (PTO). Becoming a PTO will give you access to purchase UTM products directly from the manufacturer and at a lower buy-in amount.

In order to successfully graduate this training and become certified, you will be required to pass a written certification exam as well as complete a brief practical “hands on” demonstration of proficiency and understanding of the skills and concepts provided during the course.

Product and Training topics covered will include:

  • UTM Safety and Technology of firearms conversions and ammunition
  • Assembly, Maintenance, and trouble-shooting of UTM products
  • Designing and effectively using the UTM training model across disciplines (Firearms, Tactics, DT)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • UTM Portable Training Facility (PTF)
  • Application of UTM for more than Force-on-Force ( MTFOF)

Read what instructors that have attended this course have to say:

Training is top notch for the next tier for civilian instructor. Basic, to self defense, to UTM. ~ Chris C. from Tennessee

Training is top notch for the next tier for civilian instructor.

No other course accomplishes what this does! Matt is a subject matter expert and a friendly, approachable instructor.

No other course accomplishes what this does!

Matt broke everything down to ensure we understood what was expected of each of us. He was entertaining and informative. I would refer this class to any instructor looking to take their training and their students to the next level. ~ Markis M. from Illinois

He was entertaining and informative.

There is a reason he wrote the book! ~ John N. from Wisconsin

There is a reason he wrote the book!

Outstanding. Very impressive and fun!!! Well deserved master instructor. Looking forward to offering this.


Really enjoyed the class. It was informative and insightful.

Really enjoyed the class. It was informative and insightful.

Great class! Great information.

Great class! Great information.

Awesome experience. Matt is an excellent instructor and ties everything together very well. ~ Tara E. of Titusville, Florida

Awesome experience. Matt is an excellent instructor and ties everything together very well.

I thoroughly enjoyed your style of teaching and passion for what you do. ~ Scott H. of Dundee, Florida

I thoroughly enjoyed your style of teaching and passion for what you do.

Thank you very much. Very informative. I really appreciate you bringing this to civilians. ~ Jessica D. of Land O Lakes, Florida

Thank you very much. Very informative.

Thanks for the experience. ~ Jason J. of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Thanks for the experience.

Excellent course and instructors.

Excellent course and instructors.

Class was awesome. I loved every minute of it. Instructors were great!!

Class was awesome. I loved every minute of it. Instructors were great!!

Was a great instructors course. Proud to be a first instructor as part of UTM.

Was a great instructors course.

Matt was very clear and concise with the training course. Time was more than adequate. Class exercises and scenarios were very realistic and exciting. ~ Kenny R. of Apopka, Florida

Class exercises and scenarios were very realistic and exciting.

Great wealth of knowledge and passion for subject matter.

Great wealth of knowledge and passion for subject matter.

This course was eye opening. It provided much relevant info on products and applications I didn't know. Very happy with this course and instructor. ~ Pablo M. of Mims, Florida

This course was eye opening.

Class was well done and gave my instructors a great opportunity to train together outside our courses taught. I look forward to more opportunities. ~ Trampas S. of Middleburg, Florida

Class was well done…

Course Costs:
Course Length: 8 hours
UTM Certification through PS&Ed
Attendance Requirements: Certified Instructor (NRA, USCCA, State, LE, etc)
Attendee Requirements:

The UTM System is where technology and practical application have blended together to not only redefine the training industry standard, but revolutionize it. Our innovative training model, within the system, provides a roadmap on how to develop training that tests agency protocols, reverse engineers training from real events, and bridges the gap between firearms, tactics and combatives. The flexibility within the Training Model, provided by the technology of our munitions and the innovative and intuitive training methodology, was specifically designed to be easily adaptable throughout the training cycle and applied to any skill level, from basic students, advanced operators or even combined classes of students from assorted backgrounds and competencies.

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    1. I am already certified as a UTM instructor. Why do I need this course?
      • This is a different course than the three day LE instructor course. Up until this course UTM only taught a LE/Mil course with tactics that benefitted those type of students in their profession. In the past they have allowed some civilian instructors to attend that course. If you are current law enforcement and attended the three-day UTM instructor course you are certified to teach the UTM training model with the UTM products to LE. This course is a brand new course that is specific for civilian instructors to teach civilians using UTM products and the UTM training model. The curriculum matches what civilian instructors are actually teaching, or should be teaching, their civilian students. We also cover insurance options and many other things that are not covered in the LE course.
    2. I took an online course and was certified by UTM. Is this the same course?
      • There are a few UTM online courses. The most common is the online PTO course which is a 45 minute video covering products with a short test at the end. This is required to become a PTO and in turn that allows you to purchase UTM products. Attending and passing this in-person UTM Certified Civilian Instructor Course will wave the $100 fee to become a PTO. It also provides you with valuable training, see below and above, that can be brought back to teach to your students.
    3. I am a seasoned instructor and already use UTM products. What can this course do for me?
      • First, please read the reviews above from other seasoned instructors that have taken this course. Second, if you are already a PTO, own UTM products, and teach using them you will get value from this course in these ways. 1. You will be officially certified as one of a small group of UTM Civilian Instructors. 2. You will gain insight on how to integrate the drills presented into your current classes. 3. You can use the scenarios presented to create new curriculum to offer your current client base. 4. You will be keeping fresh on your training as an instructor, because it is perishable for seasoned instructors as well.
    4. I use a similar competitors product and/or attended their course. What makes UTM products and/or this course different?
      • UTM designed the UTX ammunition to work in other industry conversion kits to mitigate known issues such as malfunctions and down time to clean guns during training. As for this course, we suggest reading the feedback above from instructors that have taken this course. Also, read over the above FAQ info and compare it to the course that you attended.
    5. I can purchase UTM products already because I am a NRA/USCCA instructor.
      • UTM allows NRA/USCCA instructors to purchase their TBR product line but no FoF products. This course will unlock your ability to have access to the entire UTM product line.


    • Investment Cost: This investment for this course is $300 plus any of the packing list items noted above that you don’t currently own. Please do not register unless you are ready to make payment and are committed to attend! We do not accept walk-ins. You will need to register above and make payment to secure a seat in this course. After filling out the form above and clicking the “Submit Registration” button the form will ask you for your payment information. If you accidentally closed out of the payment page you can make payment from our PAYMENT PAGE. If you want to mail a check/money order, you can close out of the payment page after clicking “Submit Registration” above, and visit our PAYMENT PAGE for directions on where to mail a check/money order and who to make it out to. You can also review our cancelation and rescheduling policy on that page as well as below.
    • Cancelation Policy: Class purchases are non-refundable. Before registering, make sure you are able to follow through on the commitment to attend the course. You will need to pay for the course again if you fail to inform us with enough notice so that we can reschedule you to a new date.
    • Rescheduling Policy: Rescheduling to another date may be available on a case by case basis, if you notify us within 24 hours of class. There is a $20 fee to move you to another date, which can be paid on our PAYMENT PAGE. Seating is limited so make sure you plan carefully before you signup for a course date/location.
    • Citizenship & Convictions: You must be a LEGAL United States Citizen in order to attend this course per ITAR. Past convictions might not bar you from attending and being certified. If you have questions, contact us.
    • If you would like to Host Matt to run this course at your location, contact us.

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