No Guns Allowed, Signs

Anti Gun Movie TavernSo I went with my wife to see the movie Independence Day at the new Movie Tavern in Camillus, NY and there it was, a no firearms allowed sign! Funny how we went to see a movie about our Country’s Independence yet they don’t allow the tool that helped us to win our independence on their property.

In New York State, these type of signs have no legal ground UNLESS it is a location owned/run by the government such as the post office, court house, etc. If it is at a private business the business owner is trying to scare you into thinking it does carry weight.

Don’t forget that if they find out your carrying, and they ask you to leave and you don’t leave, they can have you arrested for trespassing! If that happens the judge can and most likely will revoke your pistol permit.

From what I hear, there are other businesses that are anti 2nd Amendment such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Target, Walgreens, and Denny’s. If you decided to do business with places like these, which I suggest you don’t, and you decide to carry, you need to make sure to conceal it well, like the law requires. You also shouldn’t tell stories about the gun that you have on you while you are there! Better yet, not talking about evil guns, hunting or anything at all that might offend a liberal is probably wise.

No Guns No BusinessNow, what’s to say they call the cops to ask you to leave the property because hey you have a gun and they obviously think guns are scary and kill people all on their lonesome. Then if the person who called the police says that they told you to leave already well that might not end well if the officer believes the business!

Personally I like to quietly ask the employee if it is okay to talk. The employee will look at you weird and think what kind of question is that. Then I say, since you don’t want us to exercise our Second Amendment right to bear arms, I figured you did not want us to exercise our First Amendment right to the freedom of speech! I then give them one of the cards above, that I created, and walk out! If you would like some of our “No Guns – No Business” cards just swing by any of our scheduled courses and grab a stack.

If you see any no guns signs out there in your travels send us a photo or post it on our Facebook Page.  Let’s keep everyone informed! My advice is to not do business with businesses that post “no guns allowed” signs. Better to stay out of the gun fight all-together than be judged by 12 or carried by 6.