The PS&Ed Show is on…

The PS&Ed Show

Matt and Pat in the studio recording the pilot of the very first PS&Ed Show.

We just finished uploading the pilot of our very first internet based show! Visit our MEDIA PAGE to get more info, watch it, and then give us your feedback here. The show will focus on the topics of public safety and education though the format will be fairly light. We do however have topics or bullets, if you will, that we want to cover on each show.

Let us know if you have kudos, suggestions or even complaints. We can only get better with an honest review and our goal is to provide you with a solid product! We are looking for guests to come on the show in person or via phone/Skype. We are also open to select sponsors interested in helping the show-to-go-on along with giving their cause/business exposure. If any of this interests you, please contact us.

Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate it. Shoot straight and stay safe!