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Public Safety and Education (PS&Ed) would like to wish you and yours a very prosperous and SAFE 2019!

What better way to ring in the New Year than to signup for a course, or two, or three? Did you make a New Year resolution to be better prepared to defend yourself? Do you have a goal to carry your handgun concealed more in 2019? Do you know you need a bit more training to do so safely? Well, here is your chance! Our 2019 quarter 1 and 2 schedule is ready for your perusal and commitment. Download our schedule here / below as a PDF by course name or search our Facebook events page by date. For more information and to signup for any of our courses visit Our Website here.

A Thank you with 15% Off!

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PS&Ed 2018 In Review

From our humble beginnings, five-years ago, it is amazing to believe how far we have come. We are truly blessed! In 2018 we had much growth and broke many records. Below is just a overview of what we accomplished and a look into some things already in motion for 2019. The next year is bound to be packed with even more growth and expansion. We look forward to you coming along for the ride.

  • New Location: With a desire to offer more for PS&Ed clients, and clients always asking, Matt, along with his bride Kristy, were on the hunt for the perfect property that would fit both their needs. In May, they closed on two homes and 20+ acres of land in Lafayette, NY, and so began the expansion.
  • Ballistics Film: Early in the year we hired on Stanly Ferris and started offering Ballistics Window Safety Film. By years end, we had installed film on hundreds of windows all over Upstate NY and Stan is already scheduled to harden windows in other states in 2019. Glass only keeps good people honest! Let us secure your home, school, or business from Active Killers or natural disasters.
  • FFL/Gun Store: In the fall we were approved by the ATF to buy and sell guns. Our long-time volunteer Facebook admin, Erich Gressel, came on board to help with the opening and running of our brick and mortar gun store/classroom as well as our new online gun store. We were selected as the eastern distributor for Lee Armory’s banned state AK-47 rifle. As well, we quickly opened over 15 wholesale accounts giving us the ability to source almost any item you might be looking for. We also buy and sell used guns and will even consign your gun in our stores. Let Erich know how we can help you.
  • Gunsmith Services: With our new Type 07 Manufacturing FFL we hired on Patrick Kimball, a war Veteran with a degree in firearms technology, to start offering gunsmith and manufacturing services. Upgrading, cleaning, fixing, and building guns is what Pat loves to do for our clients. Do you need any love given to your gun(s)?
  • Social Media and The PS&Ed Show: To help drive traffic to our vast array of offerings, we focused heavier on marketing with the creation of The PS&Ed Show and Training Tuesday. Recorded in Upstate New York, Matt and Pat talk about public safety and education as a primary topic but at times delve into other topics. Nothing seems to be off the table. Their combined knowledge of firearms and self-defense marinated with witty banter and a dash of humor make for a great show. Our Facebook page broke 4,000 likes and is growing daily. We also started posting more content to our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Please consider following us on social media. If you have a topic you would like to have us discuss, want to be on The PS&Ed Show, and/or want to sponsor the show and/or our courses, please Contact Us!
  • Pro Staff: All while the above was happening, Matt traveled the county (Camfour, SHOT Show, GAOS, NRA AM, USCCA Expo, IACP), working as pro staff for Laser Ammo, as he has for years. He also traveled to PA & NV for the USCCA to start helping usher in new Training Counselors to the ranks of their TC program. The USCCA also selected Matt to teach multiple pepper spray courses at their 2019 Concealed Carry Expo, to be held in May in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Courses/Education & Events: Our course offerings continued to expand and student numbers grew. We offered over 60 different types of courses, over 175 times per year, all over the country, with many thousands of students in our seats in 2018. We brought in Larry Vickers to teach his advanced handgun course. It went over so well that we will have him back this year! We also added many new courses, some custom like our AR 101, Survival, Active Killer, and First Responder Safety (FRS) courses, and some nationally recognized like the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) Level 1 and 2, First Aid and CPR, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat (CMST) Courses. It has been a few years since our Top Shots at OCC Charity Event and it is time to help those in need once again with our Time with TIG (John Tiegen) Charity Event. If you have watched the movie 13 Hours then come and hear first hand as to what John and his team went through in Benghazi.
  • The Future: We started looking into the below in 2018 with plans to have them all come to fruition in the new year.
    • Purchasing Another FFL: Near the end of the year, we were presented with an opportunity to purchase a very successful Type 07 FFL gun store and gunsmith/manufacturing company. In order to take over their client base and offer the same level of service we will be applying for our SOT (to deal in suppressors and full autos) and purchasing gunsmith/manufacturing equipment and tools. We have built the business loan and credit card free and we want it to stay that way. That said, for this acquisition, we are considering private investors that know us and our business personally and believe in what we do. If interested, please Contact Us.
    • Meeting George Zimmerman: While in Florida at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference, while working Pro Staff for Laser Ammo, Matt had arranged a dinner meeting with George Zimmerman in an effort to bring the first hand accounts of a pivotal self-defense case to the students of PS&Ed. The article is now being prepared for publication. This was the start of Matt’s delve into being a nationally recognized, published author, who is paid for their work. Matt has many more articles that he is working on submitting for both online and print publication in 2019.
    • PS&Ed Merch: After some requests for merchandise, like shirts and hats, we started researching the possibility of offering PS&Ed branded clothing and other items such as cups and bags. We also have plans to create meme worthy shirts and to hold a contest to pick the annual PS&Ed branded Christmas sweater.

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