Welcome to the website of Public Safety and Education, better known as PS&Ed. We offer a plethora of training and education courses such as the New York State Handgun Safety Course for those looking to get their NY Pistol Permit, NY Article 35 Use of Force, All NRA and USCCA courses, the Multi-State (Utah and Florida) Permit Course for those looking to carry in up to 40+ US States, LEOSA/HR218 qualification for retired law enforcement to carry across the country, custom courses like our Zombie Shoot, Try It Before You Buy It, and our Historic Shoots where you shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns from history, and many more. We also offer private lessons and can bring any of our courses to your location.

I got approved for concealed carry no restrictions in Onondaga county. Thanks for having me attend. I’ll be in multi-state course in future. ~ Ryan S from Liverpool about our NY Handgun Safety Course
Obtaining Florida permit was easy as I already had Utah permit. Class is taught by professionals with safety first and foremost. Taking several more courses shortly. ~ John H. from Cicero, NY about our Multi-State Course
He kept the class engaged with stories and examples. My son and I found the NYS Pistol Permit Course to be very informative. The instructor, Matt, was very knowledgeable. He kept the class engaged with stories and examples. My son and I look forward to taking other classes with PS&Ed. ~ Brenda G. from Cato about our NY Handgun Safety Course.
Very informative. Matt does a good job of keeping your attention. Takes the time to make sure you understand what he is presenting. If you come away thinking you wish he explained something better it is your fault for not asking. He takes the time during and after the class to answer your questions. ~ Dean G. from Cayuga, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course.
I stayed engaged and the course exceeded my expectations. Matt administered the NRA BIT course. He was able to take otherwise dry material and keep it interesting. I stayed engaged and the course exceeded my expectations. ~ William P. from Cicero, NY about our NRA BIT Course.
I am very impressed with Mr. Mallory. He has a rock solid class and at the end he took the time to answer personnel questions and helped with paperwork and gave good sound advice. I have also signed up for another course and will continue to use PS&Ed for further training. ~ Erich G. from Liverpool about our NY Handgun Safety Course.
Great class, recommend it to everybody! Matt's a great teacher. I plan on taking the multi-state course next. ~ James from Onondaga about our Article 35 Course.
Great coarse, very well done add informative. The live fire segment was very helpful and done in a professional and safe way. ~ David from Syracuse about our USCCA Concealed Carry Course.
"Matt , thank you so much. The class was great! I learned so much. Was a great length and your instructors are very knowledgeable." ~ Steve about our USCCA Concealed Carry Course.
"Very useful information. Moves along with examples and side stories of situations that you may encounter and how the law will deal with you. Every Gun owner should attend. Thanks." ~ Dean from Auburn, NY about our Article 35 Course

Our team of instructors is comprised of USCCA and NRA Certified Training Counselors and Instructors, Law Enforcement Instructors and Officers, Military Veterans, Paramedics, and Firefighters. We are a reseller for Angel Armor ballistics, Laser Ammo dry-fire training products, FrogLube green gun cleaning products, and Propper tactical clothing.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, to signup for any training/education or to book us for any of our provided services. Please remember to vote for pro gun politicians and consider joining the NRA so they can continue to fight for our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If you are not an NRA member you can join here.

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