Welcome to the official website of Public Safety and Education, better known as PS&Ed. We offer a plethora of training and education courses such as the New York State Handgun Safety Course for those looking to get their NY Pistol Permit, NY Article 35 Use of Force, All NRA and USCCA courses, the Multi-State (Utah and Florida) Firearms Permit Course for those looking to carry in up to 40+ US States, LEOSA/HR218 qualification for current and retired law enforcement to carry across the country, custom courses like our Zombie Shoot, Try It Before You Buy It (TIBYBI), and our Historic Shoots where you shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns from history, and many more. We also offer private lessons and can bring any of our courses to your location.

Read what our students have to say about us: 

"I've taken both a private lesson, and now the USCCA Basic Concealed Carry Firearms Course with Matt after today. He is an excellent trainer in the classroom and especially on the range during live fire. His extensive experience provides real life examples of the Do's & Do not's of laws, safety, and proper marksmanship techniques; Not just routine target shooting but real life scenarios all responsible permit holders need to know & practice, but can't always do so during routine range time at most clubs. All levels of experience need to take the many courses Matt and his staff offer. Highly recommend; well worth the cost." ~ David from Liverpool, NY about our private lessons and USCCA Certified Concealed Carry Course

He is an excellent trainer…

"I attended Matt's class on Pepper Spray recently and found it very helpful and informative. It was a good combination of classroom and practice so that I felt more comfortable actually using the pepper spray canister should I ever need to. Matt's classes are enjoyable with a relaxed atmosphere while at the same time much information is covered. I particularly liked the small class size as it allowed us extra time for practice. I would recommend classes with Matt and intend to take a few more myself." ~ CJ from Jamesville, NY about our SABRE Red Pepper Spray Course

…found it very helpful and informative.

"Matt, it was a pleasure meeting you and attending the Advanced Concealed Carry course. It is well worth taking, more for the knowledge that you provide but also for the critique that you provide your class with the errors that you found when we were shooting. You developed the course with an eye on visual variety and for real life scenarios. Look forward to taking another class. Thank you for an educational and fun day!" ~ Michael from Solvay, NY about our USCCA Advanced Concealed Carry Course

It is well worth taking…

"This was my first ever experience with "live pistols & handguns". I had taken the online course & was eager and excited but at the same time nervous. There was a lot to process and assimilate but Matt showed a high level of knowledge, experience and patience that translated into a comfortable level of confidence for me. He was there for me in every aspect of safety, proper range protocols, loading & unloading my handgun as well as proper stance, sighting & shooting it with a reasonable level of success. I came out of this class with exactly the experiences I wanted to safely handle my handgun in my everyday experience. I would highly recommend this Phase II class to everyone." ~ Ray from N. Syracuse, NY about our NRA Basic Pistol Phase II Course

This was my first ever experience…

"With 42 years of military/defense contractor experience, I have been on both sides of the lectern and can state categorically your presentation of a large body of information to a eclectic group was superb! You were in complete control, presenting information in a manner conducive to retention and eagerly engaged with the participants in a light comfortable manner. I not only recommend your course to all others, but fully intend to seek out some of your other offerings e.g., your "Try Them All" program. Well done, thank you!" ~ LTC Alan B. USA Ret. from Cazenovia, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course

I not only recommend your course…

"Obtaining a Florida permit was easy as I already had a Utah permit. Class is taught by professionals with safety first and foremost. Taking several more courses shortly." ~ John from Cicero, NY about our Multi-State Course

Class is taught by professionals…

"I got approved for concealed carry with no restrictions, in Onondaga county. Thanks for having me attend. I'll be in your multi-state course in the future." ~ Ryan from Liverpool, NY about our NY Handgun Safety Course

I got approved for concealed carry no restrictions…

Our team of instructors is comprised of USCCA and NRA Certified Training Counselors and Instructors, Law Enforcement Instructors and Officers, Military Veterans, Paramedics, and Firefighters. We are a reseller for Angel Armor ballistics, Laser Ammo dry-fire training products.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, to signup for any training/education or to book us for any of our provided services. Please remember to vote for pro gun politicians and consider joining the NRA so they can continue to fight for our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. If you are not an NRA member you can join here.

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